About Us


Pithead has the largest WW2 range of  models , they are made in metal and resin to 1/150 scale. Our figures are around 11.5 mm tall making them compatible with most other 10mm / 12mm manufactures.

I run Pithead part time not as a living but as a hobby and currently I want to free up more time to try out other ventures . However, I feel an obligation to continue supplying my regular customers who helped me create Pitheads current range . I am still willing to take on new customers provided they are fair minded about what they order but I am reluctant to accept any orders from customers who just want us to "fill in the gaps" left by their regular supplier as I would rather be doing something else with my time . If you feel this way then Pithead is probably not the right company for you,  either way , good luck with your gaming whatever you do.